♫♫ My baby moved out and left me behind
But it's all right 'cause it's midnight
And I got two more bottles of wine

The Vineyard

Dutch Hill has its own vineyard where we grow the Othello grape. This grape isn’t grown much anymore in Europe but has always been popular because of its resistance to a lot of grape diseases and can handle the frost. We oversee the full growing and production process ourselves with help from local residents. During your stay or visit to Dutch Hill, you can taste our fruity organic wine yourself or why not enjoy a glass of homebrewed pálinka with a piece of cheese or sausage meat. To complement our own organic wine we also serve some delicious white and red wines, produced in our local region.

The Orchard

Not only does Dutch Hill have a vineyard but also an orchard where about thirty five nut and fruit trees are grown. As well as grapes we also grow our own apples, pears, cherries, peaches, plums, currants and walnuts. We pick the fruits by hand and they are used to make the best home-made organic jams, chutneys and liquors. These products are served at breakfast, with our meals and are also for sale in our shop.

The Vegetable garden

In our vegie garden we grow many varieties of tomatoes and capsicums, we also have zucchini, eggplant, carrots and beans. These original Hungarian vegetables each have their own fragrant smell and full flavour. They taste delicious in salads, stews or goulash soup.
The sweet, juicy watermelons we serve are from our own vegie patch and of course the eggs are laid by our own chickens.